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The Federal State Museum (also known as the Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt) is a significant multi-disciplinary museum in Germany that was founded in 1820. This museum is particularly notable for its art collection. Additionally, there are remarkable collections of Art Nouveau artifacts and artworks from many countries. It also has an extensive natural history collection, including fossils from the neighboring Messel pit.

“Chic! Fashion in the 17th Century” is a stunning costume exhibition housed in Frank’s conservation display cases. These exceptional pieces required a custom museum showcase solution to preserve and conserve them while also enhancing their aesthetic beauty.

The costume materials are incredibly fragile and susceptible. For example, black-dyed materials are prone to an irreversible degradation process. They crumble, and textiles are also extremely light-sensitive.

For this particular exhibition, bespoke display cases had to be purchased, as the light intensity in the exhibit also could not exceed 50 lux. As a result, black exhibition backgrounds were chosen. This allowed the textile display to be showcased to its best advantage in low light. To avoid any shocks, great care was taken to ensure that the textiles moved as little as possible during installation.

FRANK AMERICA are exhibition showcase and conservation display case experts. We understand why bespoke, conservation display cases are important in museums, especially for exhibitions such as “CHIC!”