Victoria & Albert Museum display cases London

The Victoria and Albert Museum, generally known as The V&A, is the world’s biggest museum of arts and design, housing roughly 2.27 million artifacts.

The V&A’s Maharaja: The Splendour of India’s Royal Courts exhibition was the first to analyze the realm of the maharajas in depth. It was an absolute pleasure to supply The Victoria and Albert museum display cases in different sizes to the designers.

Maharaja comprised over 250 artifacts and explored the Maharajas’ rich culture. Many of the artifacts in this distinguished exhibition have never been seen in the UK before. You can explore diverse textures and materials utilized to create distinct moods to portray the exhibitions’ splendor. A ‘gold leaf’ wall, for example, depicts the luxury of India’s 18th-century royal courts. Additionally, brushed aluminum display panels and vivid pink walls reflect the Maharajas’ relationship with the European avant-garde. In the picture gallery above, you can see The Victoria and Albert museum display cases in all their glory.